3 Easy Ways to Make Your Life More Meaningful

One major source of anxiety in my life is worrying about finding meaning in my life. I think we all have those moments of “Why are we here?” Or what am I doing with my life?

For some those might be fleeting thoughts, but for me they can really drag me down or work me up into a panic.

One thing I’ve found that has helped this is to use these 3 simple ways to make my life more meaningful.

Why Is Finding Meaning in Your Life Important?

Finding your life’s goal and your true passion will help you to find great satisfaction in everything you do, it will help you to live every day to its fullest and it will even help to inform who you truly are. Finding this meaning can transform your life in all the best ways.

But it’s not so easy to do that for most of us. Many of us don’t have a single objective or dream and this can leave us feeling a little listless and directionless.

But here’s the thing: meaning doesn’t have to come only from one goal or one life’s mission. Meaning can come from small things too depending on how you approach them.

Here are some tips to make everything more meaningful.

1. Find the Meaning

Meaning is really something we assign to things and nothing more or less than that. Activities in your life have meaning only if you believe they do.

And unfortunately, many of us go through a vast range of different activities believing them to be boring or unimportant. One trick is to always try to ‘notice the best bit’. Or at the very least, just focus on what it is that others might find exciting or important about the thing you’re doing.

Think about who is directly touched by what you are doing. Meaning does not only come from grand gestures, it also comes from the little things you do that touch people’s lives.

Find a meaning that fits what you want your life narrative to be. Instead of letting life happen and shape you, decide what you want the story of your life to be and assign meaning.

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2. Share With Others

If you do something and no one knows about it, then it has no lasting impact. You can’t discuss it and it will quickly fade away from your memory.

But when you share a moment or an achievement with someone, it gives it much more meaningful impact. Not only is this a powerful way to build a bond and become closer to someone, but it is also a great way to make sure that your moments impact more than just yourself and have a wider reach.

If you can’t share the moment then the next best thing is to immortalize it by writing about it: try keeping a journal.

3. Take Your Time

Things can have more meaning when we spend more time reflecting on them, taking them in and enjoying them.

You can make everything more meaningful and a better experience in this way; whether that means just taking the time to eat your food slowly and savor every morsel or whether it means looking around, listening to the sounds and looking at the sights. Take the time to savor every morsel of life and it will all taste that much richer.

Plus, you won’t get indigestion.

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