Anxiety Grounding Techniques

Oftentimes, the worst stress comes from events and things that are all too small and familiar. And we all know how terrible anxiety can feel. From the panicky feeling of trying something new to the nauseous feeling before giving a presentation. There are even times when anxiety makes even your most basic daily task seems insurmountable, even though you have already done them countless times.

Anxiety grounding techniques is a process of focusing on something in order to bring the mind back to reality. During an anxiety attack, you may often feel aloof or dizzy, separated from your whole body and is totally consumed by panic.

These simple and easy anxiety grounding techniques can help bring back your focus and find strength and calmness in the present moment when you are highly emotional and anxious

1. Try the 5-4-3-2-1 technique

Using this technique can help you focus on your surrounding and other things in order to calm your anxiety.

Name 5 things that you can see right now such as desk or chair.

Name 4 things that you can touch or feel such as cool breeze or warm blanket

Name 3 things that you can hear right now such as dog barking or birds chirping

Name 2 things that you can smell right now such as perfume or coffee

Name 1 good thing about yourself. (ex. I am funny)

2. Read something — anything

Get a book or a newspaper and focus on a certain page. And notice how many time the words “a” or “the” appears on the text. Or you can focus your attention on an artwork or a billboard and try to read it. Focusing your mind on reading words can help distract your mind even if it is miles away.

3. Play a memory game

You need to reorient yourself to the present moment whenever you are feeling anxious and using your memory can be a good help.

For example, you can try to name as many types of cats or dog breeds as you can. Or you can recite the alphabet backward. Or remember all the cities you have visited around the world.

4. Think about your happy place

You might find this silly, however during an anxiety attack, thinking about all the things that bring you happiness can help you fight back. Think about those happy vacations with your family on a beach or your favorite band. Try to remember and visualize anything and everything that made you happy and your anxiety will surely subside.

5. Mantra

It can be helpful if you have a list of certain affirmations and mantras whenever you become disoriented or panicked. Repeating these mantras can help you calm your queasiness and uneasiness.

Examples are:

I can handle these feelings, I am strong.

Nothing bad is happening right now, this feeling will pass.

I am safe, I am calm.


Whatever anxiety grounding techniques you choose, the key is to focus. You need to trick your brain into thinking about something else. This should prevent your anxiety attack from creeping back in.


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